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Experimental Cocoalicious Tag Browser

This has been mentioned before and presented at TagCamp, but I thought I’d finally make an actual post about it. A while ago, I was using Buzz’s Cocoalicious, and realized that as my list of tags grew, the tag browser became less useful; the alphabetically sorted list didn’t scale. the original Cocoalicious tag browser The […]

Heads Up!

It looks like the WebKit folks just checked in a cool new tool for browsing the DOM. It looks to be a slick and infinitely useful utility for web developers, but what struck me the most was that the HUD-style window and widgets would be open source for all Cocoa developers to use! Well, I […]

TabMark: “if I had a dime for every NetNewsWire tab…”

Space, Return, Space, Space, Space, Space, Return, Space, Space, Space, Return The preceding was an example of how I use NetNewsWire. Space moves to the next unread item, and return will open a new browser tab in NetNewsWire that will load its associated web page. When I am finally done scanning through all unread items, […]

HyperEdit 1.5 Released!

Today I released HyperEdit 1.5! HyperEdit is my live HTML and PHP editor with W3C validation. The new version has the following changes: New color swatches palette allows inserting colors and saving favorites The web preview can be torn off into a separate window The document can be previewed in different browsers Linked files for […]

Mixed Reality Tabletop

Andrew Wooster, Minister of Search: The projection map table was basically a large touch screen table which allowed people to manipulate a globe-like map by touch, zooming in and out and overlaying different satellite and topographical data sets. It seems that Northrup Grumman put together an interactive tabletop for military cartography and simulations. There’s a […]

Hearts and Minds

In light of WordPress controversy, I have come to realize that conducting business ethically is truly in the best interest of the business itself. The WordPress community has suffered a serious blow, one that could have easily been averted if the founder would have been more upfront about his revenue streams. I do not want […] Smart Tagging Version 1.1

As you may be able to see from looking at my blog, I’ve finally gotten around to making some improvements to the Smart Tagging Plugin for WordPress. Version 1.1 of the plugin has the following changes: Link image is less saturated, unless you are mousing over the link (Daniel J. Wilson’s suggestion) It only […] Smart Tagging Plugin for WordPress

As you may have noticed, there are lots of little checkered images in my blog now. These are links to my tags. I decided it would be interesting if my blog was smart tagged so people who read entries on this blog could visit my links on the subject to learn more about […]

Rich Text Plugin for SourceTab

One of my experiments for SourceTab is to have an open plugin architecture that allows heterogeneous types of tabs. Types go beyond C, C++, Perl, HTML, etc. files — I want source editors alongside web browsers, image viewers, or whatever other plugin someone would like to add to SourceTab. I’ve already created the basic source […]