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Glass – A Solution in Search of a Problem

When Google’s Project Glass was first unveiled ten months ago, they wrapped up the announcement post asking the community, “What would you like to see from Project Glass?” Today revealed more about the unreleased product and continue the thread by begging for community involvement: “Using Google+ or Twitter, tell us what you would do if […]

Beware of CSS3 filter effect rendering differences across browsers

CSS Filter Effects are the new hotness in Safari 6 and iOS 6, and have been around since Chrome 18.  The blurs, shadows, brightness/contrast, hue shifts, and saturation shifting will add a new dimension of visual oomph to sites.  However, one aspect to be aware of is they do not render consistently across different browsers. […]

HTML5DevConf 2012 Talk

I recently gave a short talk at HTML5DevConf called “Best Practices for Building Tools that Output to the Web.” The session covered some of the assumptions you can’t make if the output of your tool is going to be used as part of a larger site. I also dived into some concrete decisions and implementations […]

Two Weeks

Programming is not mindlessly implementing specs nor is it determining the best big-O algorithm for a mathematical problem. Programming is art; turning raw code into an implementation of your ideas. Programming is what you do. Software Engineering is what your company does. Software Engineering figures out the most efficient and profitable way to develop a […]

Live Editing WordPress Themes with HyperEdit

A question I’ve been asked (and often wondered myself) is how to use HyperEdit to effectively develop a WordPress theme and get live previews. I decided to finally figure this out, and while the solution isn’t as elegant as I would like, the results work pretty well. These instructions are somewhat verbose, but it really […]

HyperEdit 1.6 Released!

Today I released HyperEdit 1.6! HyperEdit is my live HTML and PHP editor with W3C validation. This version has several stability fixes, support for Safari 3.1’s Web Inspector, the ability to display invisible characters, new toolbar icons, auto-updates, and better support for Mac OS X 10.5. Registration and product activation issues that occured with Leopard […]

What is a computer?

There has been a lot of back and forth about Apple’s iPhone 1.1.1 update lately. One side argues that the iPhone is a computer, thus should allow third party apps and non-destructive upgrades. The other side rebukes by stating it is a device, and no other devices allow third party apps or make the manufacturer […]

HyperEdit & PHP 5 has a mini-review of HyperEdit that includes some nice instructions on getting it working with PHP 5.

HyperEdit 1.5.1 Released!

Today I released HyperEdit 1.5.1! HyperEdit is my live HTML and PHP editor with W3C validation. This version is primarily a bug-fix release, and the upgrade is recommended for everyone. Here’s what’s new: Fixed several encoding issues HTML entity coloring Files in the linked-file drawer can be opened by double-clicking on them HyperEdit does a […]

157 NetNewsWire Browser Tabs!

I have made a small update to TabMark per Charles Arthur’s request: an “Open in browser” button which will open the selected links in your default browser. I also added a save item in the File menu, so that if you choose to remove some from the list the new set can be saved back! […]