HyperEdit 1.6 Public Beta

by Jonathan Deutsch

I just wrapped up work on HyperEdit 1.6, and due to the extensiveness of the changes I am releasing a public beta for everyone willing and able to try! This release should eliminate the Leopard+Intel crashers many were seeing frequently, hopefully making HyperEdit stable once again. Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Improved Leopard compatibility
  • Fixed many memory leaks
  • Preview menu has browser icons
  • New Javascript console using the WebKit Inspector (if Safari 3.1 is installed)
  • Added preference to display invisible characters
  • Added Text menu item to convert text to upper and lower case
  • New toolbar icons (thanks Marc Edwards of iSlayer!)
  • Added automatic checking for updates (via Sparkle, thanks Andy Matuschak!)
  • Added ability to report crashes (via UKCrashReporter, thanks Uli Kusterer!)
  • Fixed an issue saving window layout when the preview is collapsed
  • Fixed vital information window ordering
  • Fixed bug where the document was not being marked as dirty
  • Support for localizations

While there are no known issues, please keep in mind that it is still beta, and may eat your homework.

Download HyperEdit 1.6b1 (4.1 MB)

Please contact me if you encounter any issues. HyperEdit now also has a built-in crash reporting mechanism so if you encounter a crash, please relaunch HyperEdit and file a report. Thanks!