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I can’t help myself

From The Economist’s "The case for eating steak and cream": Work by Keys and others propelled the American government’s first set of dietary guidelines, in 1980. Cut back on red meat, whole milk and other sources of saturated fat. The few sceptics of this theory were, for decades, marginalised. I believe the word the author […]

The Mythical MacBook 4G

Marco Arment says: If Apple wants to offer 4G in MacBooks, they can start whenever they want. Doing it properly will just take a bit more effort than adding a modem. They can’t do it whenever they want. It requires new regulatory approvals as well as the much harder testing and certification with carriers (domestic […]

Glass – A Solution in Search of a Problem

When Google’s Project Glass was first unveiled ten months ago, they wrapped up the announcement post asking the community, “What would you like to see from Project Glass?” Today revealed more about the unreleased product and continue the thread by begging for community involvement: “Using Google+ or Twitter, tell us what you would do if […]

The True Value of Automation

Automation is a bedrock of software engineering. Tools, scripts, tests, and even reports are vital glue that keep projects progressing forward. Because time spent on automation generally detracts from product work, it is considered an investment. Sadly, more often than not I see an erroneous equation applied to determine whether the investment will be worthwhile: […]

Two Weeks

Programming is not mindlessly implementing specs nor is it determining the best big-O algorithm for a mathematical problem. Programming is art; turning raw code into an implementation of your ideas. Programming is what you do. Software Engineering is what your company does. Software Engineering figures out the most efficient and profitable way to develop a […]

A Kendo Story

A professional cockfighting trainer, Ki Seishi, was told to train a chicken by the King. After 10 days, the King asked: “Is he ready to fight yet?” Ki Seishi answered: “No not yet. He becomes blindly ferocious, and eagerly looks for an opponent.” Another 10 days passed and the King asked again. Ki Seishi answered: […]

Live Editing WordPress Themes with HyperEdit

A question I’ve been asked (and often wondered myself) is how to use HyperEdit to effectively develop a WordPress theme and get live previews. I decided to finally figure this out, and while the solution isn’t as elegant as I would like, the results work pretty well. These instructions are somewhat verbose, but it really […]

HyperEdit 1.6 Released!

Today I released HyperEdit 1.6! HyperEdit is my live HTML and PHP editor with W3C validation. This version has several stability fixes, support for Safari 3.1’s Web Inspector, the ability to display invisible characters, new toolbar icons, auto-updates, and better support for Mac OS X 10.5. Registration and product activation issues that occured with Leopard […]

HyperEdit 1.6 Public Beta

I just wrapped up work on HyperEdit 1.6, and due to the extensiveness of the changes I am releasing a public beta for everyone willing and able to try! This release should eliminate the Leopard+Intel crashers many were seeing frequently, hopefully making HyperEdit stable once again. Here’s the full list of changes: Improved Leopard compatibility […]

HyperEdit 1.5.3 Released!

Today I released HyperEdit 1.5.3! HyperEdit is my live HTML and PHP editor with W3C validation. This version is mainly to better support Leopard by resolving activation issues, but also includes some other bug fixes as well. Download HyperEdit 1.5.3 (3.9 MB) Please contact me if you run into any problems with the new version.