Video Searches with Video Results

by Jonathan Deutsch

I think when Google Video or Yahoo Video displays results, the poster image should turn into an animated version when the mouse hovers over. Obviously, it doesn’t need to stream the whole video, but showing a different key frame each second would be pretty effective. A timeline a the bottom of the image would make the frame jumping less disconcerting to the user.

I’ve decided to whip up a little example:

hover over the image for a quick look

I think this works reasonably well and gives more data to a user than just a static frame. A nice improvement to my mock-up would be to have the current frame in the animation stay in view when the mouse leaves the area, instead of jumping back to the first/poster frame. I didn’t feel like getting my Javascript voodoo on tonight to do that.

I’d imagine their algorithm to find a good poster frame is based on confidence, so they could either choose differing frames with the next highest confidences, or split up the video into 5 or so parts, and choose the frames with the best confidence from each part to display.