Tumult Comics!

by Jonathan Deutsch

While I scanned my calligraphy, I figured I might as well scan some other images.

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In 5th grade I started a comic book company called Tumult Comics. By 6th grade I had “published” three comics: Tracey 1 and 2 by me, and the spin-off, Mackie, by Ryan Geismar (who also did a couple pages of Tracey 1). There was a festival every year called the Pumkin Patch Festival at my elementary school, and I saw in the newsletter announcing the event that people interested in selling arts and crafts could get a booth. I seized the opportunity and landed a spot for my fledgling company to sell our comics. The night was a big success, and we grossed over $120 which was a lot for a 6th grader.

From left to right: Paul Gubani – booth boy, Ryan Geismar – artist, Me – President & CEO, Jerod Ibarole – Inker. Yeah, I was short. To make matters worse, Ryan and Jerod were abnormally tall.

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In 5th Grade, my grandfather won the Small Business Exporter of the Year award, so the entire family that could go took a trip to Washington D.C. to watch him recieve it. Al Gore gave a speech aboout the importance of Small Businesses, and since my mom told me he had a son, I decided to give a copy of my comic book to him (at this time, only Tracey 1 had been completed) . After the speech, a bunch of people lined up to shake his hand. When he got to me, I handed him the comic, and said “Give this to your son.” Evidently, a bunch of the secret service people started to move in on me until they realized I was harmless, although I didn’t notice that. One random lady took a picture, and later sent it to us (no clue how she knew who we were). I’m in the lower right corner, and you can see Al Gore holding my comic :-). I put my address on it, but never heard anything from the Vice President or his son. Now that he’s a board member at Apple, I might take the opportunity to ask him if he remembers!

Tumult Comics sure has come a long way!