TabMark: “if I had a dime for every NetNewsWire tab…”

by Jonathan Deutsch

Space, Return, Space, Space, Space, Space, Return, Space, Space, Space, Return

The preceding was an example of how I use NetNewsWire. Space moves to the next unread item, and return will open a new browser tab in NetNewsWire that will load its associated web page. When I am finally done scanning through all unread items, I’ll then go through the browser tabs I’ve opened and read the article. Or, so I try.

Often I will be too busy, too distracted, or too lazy to read all the pages I have opened. A blessing or a curse, NetNewsWire’s persistent tabs pile up to an insurmountable stack. This eventually reaches the point where it begins to slow down NetNewsWire’s launch time, and in the case of syncing to another machine, the entire app grinds to a halt as it attempts to load every new tab it has discovered.

It was such a situation I was in tonight, when trying to sync 87 browser tabs to my 800 Mhz iBook. After about 5 minutes of waiting, I decided it would be best to offload the browser tabs so I wouldn’t be in the same position again. I started a race to see if I could create an app that would import my NetNewsWire tabs into Safari bookmarks before my iBook finished loading.

I lost the battle, but won the war (in only 62 lines of code, no less). Say hello to TabMark:

most boring UI evar

Here’s how you use it:

  1. Open a bunch o’ tabs in NetNewsWire
  2. Launch TabMark
  3. Optionally remove or rename the bookmarks
  4. Click “Export…” and choose a location for the file
  5. Either open the file to view your bookmarks, or import them into Safari through the “Import Bookmarks…” item in the File menu.
  6. Option-click a tab’s close button in NetNewsWire to close all tabs

Like all good Web 2.0 software, TabMark is in an eternal beta, and is provided “as is” with no guarantees.

Download TabMark