Rich Text Plugin for SourceTab

by Jonathan Deutsch

One of my experiments for SourceTab is to have an open plugin architecture that allows heterogeneous types of tabs. Types go beyond C, C++, Perl, HTML, etc. files — I want source editors alongside web browsers, image viewers, or whatever other plugin someone would like to add to SourceTab. I’ve already created the basic source code and web browser plugins. Having a web browser right next to the editor is extremely useful for looking up documentation.

After being told that SourceTab was used for taking notes in class, I realized plain text notes must suck, so tonight I wrote a plugin for editing rich text documents in SourceTab!

click for a larger view

You can open and edit RTF and Microsoft Word files. The Word formatting is of course messed up a bit on complex documents since it uses Cocoa’s .doc handling, but gets the job done. Adding rich text support only took an hour and about 40 lines of new code.

Now back to work on HyperEdit!