HyperEdit 1.5 Released!

by Jonathan Deutsch

Today I released HyperEdit 1.5! HyperEdit is my live HTML and PHP editor with W3C validation. The new version has the following changes:

  • New color swatches palette allows inserting colors and saving favorites
  • The web preview can be torn off into a separate window
  • The document can be previewed in different browsers
  • Linked files for a document are preserved
  • Dragging images into the editor will generate an HTML image tag
  • Snippets can be dragged to and from the editor
  • Validation errors can be skimmed with control-up/down
  • Preference to not create blank documents automatically
  • Preference to not load the web preview when a file is opened
  • Find/replace correctly updates the web preview
  • Resizing the document will only resize the web preview
  • Disabled “smart delete” when pasting
  • Fixed bug where the Validator would think the user was not an administrator
  • Fixed hangs and crashes related to Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
  • Other bug fixes and minor performance improvements

Overall, I think it is a great release which adds many requested features and fixes lots of bugs. Please contact me if you run into any problems with the new version.