Smart Tagging Version 1.1

by Jonathan Deutsch

As you may be able to see from looking at my blog, I’ve finally gotten around to making some improvements to the Smart Tagging Plugin for WordPress. Version 1.1 of the plugin has the following changes:

  • Link image is less saturated, unless you are mousing over the link (Daniel J. Wilson’s suggestion)
  • It only links to the first occurrence of a particular tag per post (Jason’s suggestion)
  • It does not link inside <a> tags.
  • The cache file for tags is simply called “deliciousTagCache.txt” now.
  • Other parsing fixes.

I think it works a lot better and is much less visually distracting. This version is a little slower than the previous version, however. Also a word of warning: if happens to go down, then your blog may become inaccessible once the tag cache expires. It may also take a while to build the tag cache if you have lots lof links/tags. You can always disable the plugin from the wp-admin interface if this happens for an extended period of time.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download
  2. Edit lines 12 and 13 of deliciousTagging.php so it has your username and password.
  3. Place the contents (not the folder itself) of the deliciousTagging folder in your wp-content/plugins. This is 5 files.
  4. Make sure the deliciousTagCache.txt file has write permissions. If you have command-line access, you can type:
    chmod 766 deliciousTagCache.txt
  5. Activate the plugin in WordPress through the Plugins tab of the wp-admin interface!

As always, feedback is welcome!