Smart Tagging Plugin for WordPress

by Jonathan Deutsch

As you may have noticed, there are lots of little checkered images in my blog now. These are links to my tags. I decided it would be interesting if my blog was smart tagged so people who read entries on this blog could visit my links on the subject to learn more about what I am discussing. So now, if I discuss programming, Cocoa, or Smalltalk, there will be some personally-picked references to visit. Hopefully this will be useful and not distracting.

If you’d like to add this capability to your WordPress blog (or modify it to another other system), here is the source code: (view source)

Place these files in wp-content/plugins. In deliciousTagging.php, make sure to set the login and password, and also check to make sure the cache directory has proper write permissions. The code isn’t perfect — the regular expressions for identifying when to tag needs to be improved and the links aren’t aligned properly when viewing in NetNewsWire. Feel free to fix it and send me the new code.

UPDATE: Version 1.1 and better installation instructions are available here.